Vincent is a world-renowned powerful psychic healer, respected spiritual teacher, and dynamic speaker who provides the clarity and inspiration to provide spiritual healing and help you stop stopping yourself! 

The focus of this website is to help you reconnect with who you truly are as a Divine and magnificent being! It will also serve to guide you in the use of all your greatest gifts and abilities, as well as provide you with a wealth of information and resources to help you with your process no matter where you are on your journey here on Earth. It will help you establish productive beliefs, behaviors and practices, while reducing and eliminating blockages, obstacles, and possibly destructive patterns that keep you from having the happy and fulfilling life you are capable of having. It is filled with inspiration, motivation, wisdom, hope, and mostly empowerment!  You can also contact Vincent directly to book him for a lecture, arrange a personal psychic medium and spiritual healing session or to discuss any private questions and concerns you may have.

Remember, your purpose in life is no more and no less than to experience yourself and your greatness in whichever way you choose and create. This site is to help you do that to the fullest and the most rewarding way you can, no more and no less than that!

Vincent, the Solutions Psychic, uses his psychic medium gifts and psychotherapist expertise to see and heal your stuff. His no-nonsense and loving approach, along with his “Stop Stopping Yourself” programs takes you through the steps to see the greatness in yourself and create the life you always wanted.

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Digital Download: $16; CD Set: $25

“7 Journeys for Your Soul: Guided Meditations to the Music and Words of Spirit” is over three hours in a 3-CD set and the result of the combined efforts of a world-renowned powerful psychic medium and gifted multi-dimensional musician. Spirit inspired all of the guided reveries and accompanying music, so each meditation has the ability to transform your life when done with integrity, congruence, and commitment.
     The Introduction contains comprehensive instructions and guidelines on how to gain the most benefit from using these meditations. 
      “Believe in Yourself” helps to cut through all the blockages and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors to help you stop stopping yourself and use your Divine gifts to fulfill you dreams and create the life you desire and deserve.
      “Talk with Your Soul” allows you to bypass your conscious, subconscious, adult-made, and environmental-made minds, so you can connect and have a direct, unblocked, and unfiltered conversation with your soul. At this level, you will receive insights and validation to your chosen purpose and passions, strengths and weaknesses, and talents and abilities. With these tools and knowledge, you will be able to pursue a more fulfilled life.
     “Calm Yourself” is a quick centering meditation to use any time you wish to relax, rejuvenate, calm down, or just be at peace to allow all your human and spiritual systems to perform in harmony and balance. “Calm Yourself” is especially good to use after a stressful day or to even begin your day.
     “Expand Your Consciousness” brings you to a higher level of awareness. In your ever desire to pursue evolvement and fulfillment, this track helps to connect you to your vastness and unlimited potential. The more you allow yourself the experience of the expansiveness of your being, the bigger your dreams and passions become, along with the unwavering belief of attainment!
     “Heal Yourself” taps you into your Christ consciousness ability of self-healing. No matter what your physical, mental, or emotional dis-ease, dis-comfort, illness, or imbalance is, “Heal Yourself” can help you heal.
     If you could talk directly with God without interference or any defense mechanism blocking and filtering your conversation, what would you ask? What would Spirit say? “Commune with God” is a powerful meditation that bypasses all those mind-controlling conscious and unconscious thoughts that normally stop and hinder our connection with our higher selves and Spirit. Have a direct, uninterrupted true conversation with God!
     Finally,“Meet Your Past Lives” will bring you back to experience many or all of your life incarnations. The intention of this meditation is to give you a glimpse of the accumulated lifetimes that comprise some or all of who you are today. You may see, hear, feel, touch, smell, or know different lifetimes that can help you with issues or guidance in your current life. The more you use “Meet Your Past Lives” the more lifetimes you may experience.
     Use all these meditations repeatedly. The more you use them, the deeper and more profound your experience will be. Your awareness and consciousness can evolve and grow as you make deeper and deeper connections with all of who you are. Using guided meditations, as 7 Journeys for Your Soul, will make you proficient at quieting your left thinking brain so you can reap the full physiological, psychological, and spiritual benefits of the ancient practice of meditation. You will gain greater control of your thoughts, thus your beliefs, resulting in the greater manifestations and fulfillment of your life and dreams!

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Digital Download: $10

“We stop ourselves from fulfilling our dreams and creating the lives we want unintentionally and intentionally all the time! Only 2-5% of the human mind is in conscious awareness. That means 95-98% of the mind is in subconscious and unconscious awareness, which acts automatically. If you are NOT pursuing a rewarding career, in loving relationships, financially secure, healthy and vital, fulfilling your passions, or don’t even know your purpose or passions, then you are stopping yourself without even knowing it!”

After more than 33 years of experience and research in the metaphysical, paranormal, and psychology fields, Vincent isolated precisely what hinders us from evolving to our highest potential. Vincent teaches in this abridged lecture version of “Stop Stopping Yourself and Become Unstoppable:”

  • How to recognize unconscious blockages;
  • The scars from the story of your youth needs to be your tattoo to purposely always remember;
  • How to transform and release the resistances and self-created BS; and most importantly,
  • How to wake your brilliance and passions the BLANK up and become unstoppable!

Experience Vincent’s Powerful Programs!

Some of Vincent’s programs include,“God, it’s not working!” ®, Stop Stopping Yourself and Become Unstoppable! ™ , God and Your Ego are One!, All You Need is Love: Attract Perfect Relationships, Wake Your Passions the &@#% Up!, Life is a Hallmark Moment, and Messages from the Mind of God.

Vincent’s lectures and workshops  are dynamic, unique, inspiring, exciting, moving, empowering, and most of all, transformational! If you are interested in having Vincent present a program for your organization or community, contact  eileen@vincentgenna.com or call (919) 480-1401.

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